Something Happened in Bali (What Happened in Bali, Ballieseo Saengkin il / 발리에서 생긴 일)
Release Date:
Jan 03, 2004
0 Minutes
Lee Soo Jung is scraping by as a tour guide in Bali, supporting herself and her deadbeat older brother. When she's hired as tour guide to an unusual threesome, her life changes forever. Kang In Wook is poor but ambitious, climbing the ranks of the corporate world. His college girlfriend Choi Young Joo has broken up with him in order to marry a rich man instead. Immediately having doubts about her decision, she decides to have one last hurrah with her ex-boyfriend before getting married, in the form of a trip to Bali. To their surprise, Young Joo's fiance, disaffected heir Jung Jae Min, also shows up to torment the two out of boredom. The four learn more about each other than they bargained for on the course of the tour. When they all return to Seoul for various reasons, they find themselves thrown together again, and confusion surrounding love and money soon fills their lives. Three powerhouse stars come together for this psychologically gripping and complex drama that you won't stop watching.
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