Shaolin Wooden Men AKA Shaolin Chamber of Death (少林木人巷 / Shao Lin mu ren xiang)
Release Date:
Nov 10, 1976
106 Minutes
Jackie witnesses his father's death by the skilled hands of a martial arts master with an unknown killing technique. Jackie vows to become a Shaolin monk and avenge his death, but soon finds that he's the chump of the class. After befriending a variety of Shaolin Masters, each of whom teaches Jackie a particular style of kung fu (drunken, killing, slippery snake, et cetera), Jackie suddenly finds himself good enough to go give the beatdown to the one hundred "wooden men", who all Shaolin (in this movie anyways) have to beat to get the funky haircut. Jackie then proceeds to go around laying the beatdown on everyone, but shows his humility and compassion at the end. Written by
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