River Flows To You (Cry Me A Sad River / Bei Shang Ni Liu Cheng He / 流淌的美好时光)
Release Date:
45 Minutes
Yi Yao and Qi Ming live in the same alley of a neighborhood. Qi Ming, a little bit older than Yi Yao, has been trying to help and protect Yi Yao since they were little. Qi Ming even planted a tree in the backyard of the alley, wishing to bring Yi Yao a warm home in the future. With years of change, Qi Ming helped Yi Yao through a series of ups and downs, including a wrong medical diagnosis, emergency surgery, troubled love affairs and workplace issues. They are finally together after going through thick and thin after college graduation. However, the practical job situation forces the two new lovers to separate. Being young is great, but sometimes it also brings a lot of regrets. Qi Ming and Yi Yao each chase their own young dreams. They come to appreciate what it takes to grow up, and finally strive to live a better life. Written by China Syndicate Entertainment
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