Rattan (Si Teng)
Release Date:
0 Minutes
Many years ago, the plant-alien hybrid Si Teng was brought up by a Xuanmen hunter. Chased in Shanghai, she began a new life but was murdered by a mysterious woman and buried at the base of a cliff. Resurrected many years later by the blood a young architect by the name of Qin Fang, Si Teng finds herself in a new world. Si Teng makes Qin Fang help her understand life in this modern age and find something she is looking for. Despite their rocky start, Qin Fang eventually agrees to Si Teng's demands. With Qin Fang by her side, Si Teng learns what it means to live and love. Determined to understand the mysteries of her past, Si Teng and Qin Fang continue to search for answers, their quest drawing them ever closer. But is their happiness possible when the demons of the past are dangerous?
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