Perfect Wife (Ms. Perfect / Wanbyeokan Anae / 완벽한 아내)
Release Date:
0 Minutes
Ko So Yung (a beloved 90's teen idol making her comeback after ten years) and Yoon Sang Hyun (Shopping King Louis, Ms. Temper and Nam Jung Gi) star in a comedy mystery that proves that no matter how hard we try to be perfect, life has a a way of throwing chaos our way. When a dutiful wife and loving mother realizes that she has lost a sense of who she is, the fates provide a murderously good way for her to find herself. Shim Jae Bok (Ko So Yung) is a legal assistant and mother of two. She can't stand it when things are unfair. She also hates the people who look down on her because she is a working ahjumma (older woman). Plus, she's got a temper that would make sailors blush. Still, Shim Jae Bok puts up with all the condescension and false flattery around her. That is because Shim Jae Bok's life is not about her; it's about her family, and the future of her kids depends on her bowing her head and staying respectful. This means that Shim Jae Bok even puts up with the the fact that her husband Goo Jung Hee (Yoon Sang Hyun) is having an affair with the much younger Jung Na Mi (Im Se Mi from Shopping King Louis). Plus, her boss from hell Kang Bong Goo (Sung Joon from Hyde, Jekyll and I), tells her she is out of a job. Her life is in a tailspin, and then something miraculous happens. Shim Jae Bok receives an offer for an apartment from Lee Eun Hee (Jo Yeo Jung from Divorce Lawyers in Love), an offer that is way too good to be true. Suddenly, the miracle becomes a disaster. The eccentric ahjumma finds herself in the middle of a murder mystery. All the chaos in her life comes full circle, and Shim Jae Bok realizes that someone is destroying her life, piece by piece. Now, our ahjumma has to regain her true self--the kind who fights injustice and doesn't tolerate nonsense--in order to save what she has left. But when you have spent years pretending to be perfect, is it even possible to be yourself? Also known as Perfect Wife, Ms. Perfect is directed by Hong Seuk Ku (Golden
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