Couple or Trouble (Fantasy Couple / 환상의 커플 / Hwansangeui Keopeul)
Release Date:
Oct 14, 2006
0 Minutes
An American romantic-comedy film gets transplanted to Korea in this television series. Anna Jo is a self-centered, American-raised heiress, who returns to Korea to join her husband, cowardly Billy Park. Meanwhile, Jang Chul-Su is stuck in his hometown, cash-strapped, and responsible for the care of his orphaned nephews. When they meet, Anna and Chul-Su instantly loathe each other. However, Anna is mistakenly declared dead, after an accident leaves her with amnesia. Chul-Su takes advantage of the situation and convinces her, she is his girlfriend. Hot-tempered Anna must now adjust to life as a poor housewife... Written by L. Hamre
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